· SAFETY IN THE PAYMENTS: the client receives directly the claimed money and confirms to us the accomplishment of the payment on the part of the bad debt, producing the Group MiMega as a collection mediator and NOT as a collector who delays to his whim the effective accomplishment of the payment.

· TRANSPARENCY OF OUR ACTIONS, since our clients have direct and immediate access of the realized in all his processes extranet route and for any other way when the client asks it from us.

· EFFICIENCY PRECONTENCIOSA: It is a commitment of our services of friendly management of recovery of which in all the processes the following communications will be realized by the debtor:

  • Or telephonic Communications (telecobro, sms, etc.).
  • Or written Communications (letter, burofax, e-mail, etc.).
  • Or Possible visit presencial (always and when it turns out to be materially viable, in reason of quantity and place).

· EXECUTIVE EFFICIENCY: of all the judicial actions, with the commitment to come until the effective end of the judicial procedure neither in all those processes in which there turns out to be materially viable his claim (apparent solvency of the debtor), without later surprises, nor provisions of funds for the client of the attorneys and attorneys who act in name of the client (it does not include experts' expenses, not of third).

· COMMITMENT OF TEMPORALITY: of the active accomplishment of all the actions, with express guarantee not to stop to decline the action of claim in any process.

· ASSURANCE OF CIVIL RESPONSIBILITY: Group MiMega has signed an assurance of civil responsibility for desasters, hurts to victims and property damages derived from the exploitation of our activity.

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