Mega 5 Our service MEGA5 supposes an annual policy from 0,055 %. Simulate ON-LINE contract

Mega Collections From 50 € for process, included judicial and executive route.

Mega Inf@ Desde 5 € for report, in packages of 100 units without temporary limit of consumption.

Mega DATA From 400 € + 35 € for worker with access to BD, being subvencionable only the formative part across the tripartite Foundation.

Mega LABOUR RISK From 210 € for his plan of prevention of labour risks.

Mega INSURANCE Exclusive offers as for assurances to companies.

Mega LAWYERS Discount commitment of 25 % for clients of the group.

Mega FORMATION Company adhered to the Tripartite Foundation.

Mega MANAGEMENT From 60 €/mes for autonomous and from 160 €/mes for the PYMES.

Ask us Information Without commitment or realize one Simulation Of the cost of our services.

(Prices without IVA).