Mega Collections

MEGA COBRA is a unique service of debt collection, which has the following coverage:

Legal service CLAIM AMOUNT in a friendly manner, which will demand payment of a debt through a series of very effective mechanism in the field of court, and failing this, in a period not exceeding 45 days, our commitment is to go to the courts for your claim, all within the law.

CLAIMS legal services through the courts, which continue to the courts the requirement for payment of debt acquired in a friendly stage, reaching the final of the judicial process, no surprises, no provision for the client.

Without prejudice to our commitment to reclaim a debt to the best effect, is still not mean that getting the credit claimed, our working system allows you significant tax benefits in unsuccessful cases of so that may be deducted with our help to 16% VAT and 30% by the corporation tax, which is not possible with the receivables management entities that do not maintain a legal system like ours.

Ask us without obligation or perform a simulation of the cost of our services.