mega formation

MiMega group is attached to the main business and union operators as a company specializing in continuing education to employment, while also adhered to the Tripartite Foundation and as a service subsidized by funds FORCEM.

We provide four training courses:

CREDIT MANAGEMENT: A program for all persons responsible business, responsible for financial management, accounting and accountability of credit sales in order to gain knowledge, skills and techniques necessary for the implementation and optimization of a risk management business .

CHARGES FOR MANAGEMENT OF BUSINESS: Program for the commercial departments of companies, consisting of lecture a good sale is not measured by the amount of the order.

TRADE NEGOTIATIONS: training program to maximize returns on sales.

AUDIT AND REGISTRATION IN PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA: Aimed at any manager and staff with access to databases of a company, with the aim of briefing on the legal treatment of the personal data of an enterprise and conducting the mandatory registration the AEPD.

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