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MiMEGA Group has implemented a unique system of commercial risk rating, which is to cover the significant shortcomings in the sector rating because:

- Based on the data from an external source, look for other data relevant to the subject of study, looking for incidents in our own database and conducting sweeps My MEGA custom in official gazettes looking for incident (BOE, BBOOCCAA) Property and Records.

- MiMEGA Group does not provide a financial risk rating, but a COMMERCIAL RISK SCORING. That is, we do not offer the apparent solvency of the debtor, but we offer, from elaborate arithmetic rules, the capacity to pay a bill for a commercial operation or what is the same, the estimate of money that has its cash customer.

- My MEGA Group offers both the possibility of obtaining these reports via on-line (Mega Inf @), with the immediacy and urgency to our business, but also gives our customers the option of obtaining these reports investigated more no extra cost and in less than 24 hours doing all the research necessary to adjust to maximize their commercial risks.

Our credit reports include the following information of general relevance, financial and commercial information on potential customers:


  • CIF / NIF.
  • Name.
  • Address.
  • URL.
  • Trademarks, brand names and labels.
  • Activity / NACE.
  • Legal Form.
  • Date Constitution.
  • Social Capital.
  • Employees.
  • Financial Institutions.


  • Demands.
  • Bankruptcy Procedure.
  • Affected Bankruptcy Procedure.
  • Civil Court.
  • Social Court.
  • Issues with the Administration. public.
  • Incidents MiMEGA Group (under development).


  • Rating agency-scoring data (Informa D & B).
  • Rating MiMEGA-scoring group (onrules own by sector and geographical area).
  • Treasury.
  • Balance.
  • Indebtedness.
  • Incidents.
  • Commitments.
  • Previous experience.
  • Annual accounts (only in extended-financial report).

These services are obtained via on-line through our corporate website: , or if you prefer, you can always ask us by traditional means a credit report inquired into in any doubt that the customer is plated.

Ask us without obligation or perform a simulation of the cost of our services.

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