Mega management

MEGA MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING, TAX AND LABOR GROUP MIMEGA manage all accounting, payroll taxes and your business in an effective, safe and with the expert advisory group of professionals that comprise it.

This involves not only an effective way of handling these services, but also our commitment to personalized advice on financial developments in your company, with an appropriate advice to optimize your resources and improving productivity and efficiency of your business .

Besides having a team of lawyers, it is important for managing your business risks based on a sound financial and fiscal management, since good management of your balance sheets can avoid many surprises. Take advantage of special promotion for customers of Grupo Mimega in which you handle all your accounting and payroll taxes.

Establishing a special promotion 20% discount for customers of the group (with any contract). From 60 € / month for self-employed and from 160 € / month for SMEs.

Ask for information without obligation.